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The World Guide to Archaeological 
and Heritage Volunteering

The fascinating work of discovering and protecting the world heritage

The Guide that gets you started in Archaeology 

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The ideal resource for those who want to experience the excitement of an archaeological excavation.  The guide lists sites of 200 projects in the U.K., Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and Asia, where no previous experience is required.  Excavations range from Palaeochristian churches in Jordan, to the sites of the first native Americans in Alaska to defence walls on a Venetian island.

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Cultural Heritage Workcamps

For young people and students, the Guide provides an extensive list of workcamps, and of workcamp organisation networks, with hundreds of opportunities to preserve cultural heritage worldwide.  You can share the experience with other young people from all over the world.  Projects cover rebuilding dry stone walls in Italy or Greece, restoring castles in France, or preserving U.S. historical sites in National Parks etc.

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For those who want to learn

Dozens of field schools are listed for those who want to learn more about archaeology and excavation techniques.  Field schools range from Roman digs in the U.K., Italy or the Middle East to an underwater archaeology school for divers in Sicily and  from palaeontology excavation techniques in western Canada, to Maya temples in Belize.  University credit may be obtained from most of the field schools.

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Extended Internet Resources

A detailed annotated list of useful websites allow you to find even more opportunities in heritage restoration and preservation, to volunteer in museums or discover other archaeological excavations.  An extended list of links is constantly updated on the Guide's website (see instructions inside).  The introduction gives all the information on how to start and what to expect.

Archaeo-Volunteers: an essential resource for those who want to discover and protect the world heritage!

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How to order Archaeo-Volunteers:

All our volunteering guides are a one time purchase as updates are available, via the Internet, at no extra cost. New editions will be published from time to time, but all the new information will be available to you; please follow the instructions in the introduction of your Guide.

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The Archaeo-Volunteers guide costs (all prices include postage): 

  • if mailed to the UK : 12.00 
  • if mailed to the US: $ 18.90 (+ US $ 1.60 to Canada)
  • if mailed to Europe (also non-Euro countries):  € 18.00
  • if mailed to the rest of the world: US$ 23.00   (convert US$ into your currency)

If you would like to order also one of the two other guides (or both): 

  • Green Volunteers, the World Guide to Voluntary Work in Nature Conservation
  • World Volunteers, the World Guide to Humanitarian and Development Volunteering

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prices for TWO GUIDES (including postage) are:

  • if mailed to the UK: 20.00 
  • if mailed to the US: $ 32.00 (+ US $ 3.20 to Canada)
  • if mailed to Europe (also non-Euro countries):  € 32.00
  • if mailed to the rest of the world: US$ 42.00   (convert US$ into your currency)


For prices for THREE GUIDES, please see the Price List page.

To order the guide with your credit card (*) by secure E-mail please use the order form below. If you want to order the guide with your credit card via fax, or by cheque via regular mail, please print the printable order form below. Please allow about 2 to 3 weeks for delivery, depending on where you live. To order by telephone please call (in the UK) 01767 262560 (from outside the UK please call ++44 -1767-262560), from the US and Canada only plaese call toll free 1 (800) 525.9379. For more information or specific requests please contact us via E-mail

(*) credit cards accepted are: Visa, Access/MasterCard, Switch, Delta and Solo.

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