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In the Green Volunteers Database you can find:

105 projects in Africa

87 projects in Europe

69 projects in Central America

65 projects in South America

50 projects in South-East Asia

37 projects in North America

30 projects in Caribbean

...and much more


World Volunteers

Archaeo Volunteers

World Volunteers - Humanitarian Volunteering

The World Guide to Humanitarian and Development Volunteering

An introduction to the world of international humanitarian and development voluntary work

Over 180 projects worldwide, from two weeks to two years or more.
How to spend either a holiday with a difference or a longer period - for students, professionals, retirees and those with and without work experience.
Plus information on finding thousands of more opportunities on the internet!

For all those who want to get involved
How to choose the most suitable project to match your interests and abilities and become a volunteer in a developing country. A guide for EVERYONE: for students, professionals and retirees and more; for doctors or accountants, nurses or agronomists, surveyors or teachers, plumbers or builders, electricians or those expert (or simply good) with computers; for everyone who wants to get involved in helping those who suffer by making their skills available.

Short-term voluntary work for those with work experience
For those with a limited amount of time, World Volunteers lists projects lasting up to a month in developing countries where ANY professional experience is precious. Many of the organisations listed are from the countries needing help. An opportunity to spend a unique working holiday the benefits of which do not end after your return home.

Long-term voluntary work
For people who have retired, workers who can spend a some time away from work on leave, college leavers, those looking for work and everyone wanting to start a career in International Development, World Volunteers lists many organisations offering the chance to work in developing countries for from a few months to several years. A chance to begin a new life, or to pass on your skills and experience at the end of a long professional career.

The guide describes over 180 organisations, but there are thousands more needing volunteers around the world, most of which have a presence on the Internet.
The information given on how to become a volunteer including preparation, costs, expectations along with the tools for finding more opportunities on the Internet allow everyone - including those who are new to international volunteering - to plan a period overseas.

World Volunteers: an essential resource for those who not only want to give but also want to act!

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