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In the Green Volunteers Database you can find:

105 projects in Africa

87 projects in Europe

69 projects in Central America

65 projects in South America

50 projects in South-East Asia

37 projects in North America

30 projects in Caribbean

...and much more


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For free publication in the Green Volunteers Online Data Base and Guide

Register (using the form below) your organisation and projects for publication in the Green Volunteers Database and Guide. Before registering please read our website publication rules.

Green Volunteers started as a traditional Guide Book - "The World Guide to Voluntary Work in Nature Conservation". It is sold via the Internet, through this website and major online stores (such as and distributed in bookstores throughout the US, Canada, the UK and Australia. It is also translated into Italian and German. Continuously active and updated since the first printing of the guide in 1997 (currently in 10th edition), Green Volunteers now functions in an electronic format, as an e-book and constantly updated online database.

You can submit your project(s) (maximum 5) for immediate publication in the Green Volunteers Database and apply for publication in the Green Volunteers Guide, by filling the fields below. We do appreciate if you can kindly put a visible link to our website. Code for links + banners is here. If you want to be published in the Guide Book, a visible banner to our website is a requirement, due to the limited space, and the excess of applications. Alternatively (with no banner) you can make a nominal contribution to Green Volunteers (contact us for further information).

Please note: We do not accept Ecotourism Projects, and we give publication preference to low-cost projects that are committed to Conservation Volunteering.

For more information see FAQs on How to Submit a Project.

If you want to proceed and publish your project(s) on the Green Volunteers website, please fill out the fields below. You will receive an e-mail with your LOGIN details to access the organisations' section of the website, where you will be able to enter the information about your organisation and your project(s).

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