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In the Green Volunteers Database you can find:

105 projects in Africa

87 projects in Europe

69 projects in Central America

65 projects in South America

50 projects in South-East Asia

37 projects in North America

30 projects in Caribbean

...and much more


World Volunteers

Archaeo Volunteers


What is Green Volunteers?

Green Volunteers started as a traditional Guide Book - "The World Guide to Voluntary Work in Nature Conservation". It is sold via the Internet, through this website and major online stores (e.g. and distributed in bookstores throughout the US, Canada, the UK and Australia. It is also translated into Italian and German. Continuously active and updated since the first printing of the guide in 1997 (currently in 8th edition), Green Volunteers now functions in an electronic format, as an e-book and constantly updated online database.

How can I publish my Conservation Volunteering project in the Green Volunteers guide / database?

You can submit your project(s) for immediate publication in the Green Volunteers Database and apply for publication in the Green Volunteers Guide by filling the fields below. To be included in the guide, we request that you place a link to Green Volunteers on your organisations website. Low cost projects, and those that are demonstrably contributing to conservation will be given publication preference.

Is it better to be in the Guide Book or in the Online Database?

Our answer is: BOTH. People access the data base for a few minutes, they search by key word, and they may easily find your project if it is the topic of their interest, but then they may click elsewhere and are gone.... They can always come back, but who knows? The Guide Book stays in households for years and years, the owners have a lot of time to read it, study it, plan their travels with it, bring it along during holidays, etc. With indexes they can also find your project(s) searching by subject, location, price, etc.

How much does it cost to be published in the Green Volunteers Database and in the Guide Book?

NOTHING! Publication of your organisation and up to 5 projects in the Green Volunteers Database is free, as well as publication of one project in the guide.
In exchange for the free publication, however, we do appreciate if you can kindly put a visible link to our website. Please go to Link To Us, to find the proper link address, our banner and a sentence to accompany the link. To be published in the Guide Book a visible link to Green Volunteers in your website is a requirement, because space in the guide is limited and we have many applicants. If you don't want to put a link to us in your website, or you want to put more than 5 projects in the database, you can make a nominal contribution to Green Volunteers. For further information please contact us (see contacts).

How many projects can my organisation list in the Data Base or in the Guide?

In general we do not want to have large organisations monopolising our website with too many projects, regardless of their willingness to pay. So, we think that five projects is a fair maximum number. If your organisation, for particular reasons, wants to list more than five projects in the Database, please contact the moderator, email:
Publication of more than one project in the Guidebook is up to the editor and may be limited owing to space constraints.

Do you have an editorial policy or do you accept ANY project?

We will approve publication of a project / organisation only if the project is really committed to Conservation Volunteering. Low cost projects, grassroots projects, and those that are demonstrably contributing to the conservation and sustainable improvement of the natural area around them will be given publication preference. We do not accept expensive Ecotourism Projects.